Rhona Whiteford


   A body has been found brutally murdered in a Manchester primary school.

Two weeks before this terrible discovery there is a violent confrontation between the head teacher and an irate parent - a father who has been denied access to his child and banned from the school. The police, politicians, national press and social media vie with each other to feed the ignorance, intolerance and prejudice of the community. It's not long before tensions in the neighbourhood ignite.

Within the school, emotions are raw, staff are at the limit of their tolerance. Bullying is rife and trust is low.

The main characters face mounting pressures until one of them reaches their breaking point and kills. It is not until the final moments of the story that the identity of the murderer and the victim are disclosed.

Published as Amazon ebook 
 1st March  2017

NEW COVER  for the 2018 reprint

                     design by Lucy McSpirit

Published in Paperback

12th March 2017



'This is a gripping read.'  Lizzie Gates, author of The Wolf of Dalriada - Troubador & Amazon

'This is a fast paced, entertaining read with lots of action, a great story.'  Jacqueline Farrell, author of  Covenant - Amazon

'Crime writing that keeps you guessing 'til the end.'  Carol Fenlon, author of Impress Novel Prize winner: Consider the Lilies

                Lancashire Post
                  3rd March 2017

With thanks to the Lancashire Post and Community Reporter, Natalie Walker who after attending the popular How to Write Books for Children workshop at Barton Grange  Garden Centre, wrote a wonderful article about how I started writing, my books and inspirations.