There aren’t many days when I don’t write, because apart from being my job, I love doing it. It’s not only creative but deeply satisfying and honestly - I’ve never had that Sunday night feeling so many people dread. I’ve been a freelance writer for thirty five years and haven’t been without a writing commission, working on books for many famous publishing houses. Most of this work was teachers’ resources for primary schools, as I taught that age group, education books for the high street and articles for professional magazines. Some were co-authored  with a teaching colleague.

    For many years I taught creative writing to the older children in primary , helping them become enthusiastic about stories and it was then I began writing and illustrating stories to read to them. Three of these were published independently as children’s novels and then, having caught the fiction bug, I carried on writing fiction. There are fourteen now, in several of my favourite genre, including history, supernatural fantasy and horse tales.


Eighteen months ago I decided to try and write a novel for adult readers and I set it in a primary school, a place where life is full-on and passions can rage. It was a fruitful setting. Many workplaces are stressful and everyone has a different breaking point: some lead to utter destruction. With this in mind, I wrote  Breaking Points, the story of a shocking crime.


The next book Is a different genre, a time-slip novel set in Medieval Anglesey and in the present day too. See The house between time . I'm now writing a prequel to that one due out for Christmas 2021.


A Gothic mystery set in Victorian Manchester

A bouquet of nightshade.

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