World War 1

 A beautiful mansion on a hill, the ghosts of past ages and present nightmares.

A nurse and a soldier.

February 1915, the Great War is gathering momentum and Haigh Hall, home of the Earl of Balcarres, has been loaned as an auxiliary hospital. Everyone knows that the Hall and woods are haunted. Alice Martin returns to her home town to take up her new post as Matron after the sudden and mysterious death of her predecessor. Soldiers with terrible injuries have been sent to recover in the Hall that is surrounded by ancient woodland and wide landscapes. But each soldier brings with him phantoms from the war. Alice finds that one officer draws her attention whilst conflicts are brewing between the Hall staff, leading to the greatest danger for one of them. The atmosphere is charged, and a fearful ghostly presence stalks the passageways of the Hall which stands on the site of much older dwellings. Alice must negotiate on all fronts to ensure the hospital runs well and to do this she enlists the help of her friend, Sophia, a clairvoyant and medium.

Beautiful poetic descriptions throughout, setting the scene and the atmosphere. It’s such elegant prose too. A powerful story that moves at a good pace weaving the various strands of intrigue, thrills and romance very effectively. 

Liz Harris, Lancashire.


A superb blending of fact, fiction and the supernatural which is very believable and atmospheric. It holds the reader spellbound to the end.

Gillian Brown, Haigh

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