A legacy of ghosts

To be published

February 2022


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This story is set at Haigh Hall, a country mansion on the outskirts of Wigan. It's February 1915; the Great War still rages. Alice Martin has returned to her hometown. She's the new matron of the auxiliary hospital presently at the Hall. The last matron died suddenly in suspicious circumstances and there is talk of supernatural events. The Hall is known to have its ghosts and the men who've been sent there to convalesce are certainly haunted, but by all they've gone through at the Front. Alice is haunted too, but by her past. Part of that past is a dangerous man and when he appears once more, she fears for her life.


If you enjoyed A Bouquet of Nightshade, then you'll enjoy this book. Twenty years have passed and Alice, once Sophia's maid, is now an independent woman, educated, professional and a widow with four children. Her three sons are at the Front. Her daughter is a cadet nurse. Sophia is a clairvoyant and Alice calls on her to help solve the mystery of the haunting at the Hall.